Monday, July 26, 2010

A fun weekend!

OK still trying to figure out how to get those darned header etc lines out of my blog! But in the meantime here's my second post!

Did the fabulous Mermaid's Mercantile this weekend! (Was a little shocked to find out it was this weekend not next-my fault-but it all seemed to work out...somehow!) What a great bunch of creative, fun and really nice girls! Debi and Rachel put on such a nice show and they are SO easy to work with. Frauke (Madame Sauerkraut) and her 2 darling daughters brought us a huge salad with their homegrown tomatoes for lunch, it was yummy and greatly appreciated! Is there anything those girls can't do??? Too bad Nikki's margaritas were only make believe!

I am having SO much fun doing some altered couture, upcycled, repurposed clothing! Back to my roots so to speak. Kind of went crazy with an 'Oilily on Acid' skirt and a "Home" by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes inspired apron! (Once you hear that song you will never be the same! Or get it out of your head!) Didn't sell any of my clothing this weekend so look for them in my etsy shop this week! I'm also working on some punk and steampunk inspired clothing too!

That's it for now...

XXOO Valentina