Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Had a GREAT time this weekend!

Well I never got around to posting about the SALE OF THE CENTURY road trip Rachel and I took up to Oxnard but to put it in a nutshell there was alot of truth to that advertising! OMG there was so much stuff! I would have driven the 250 miles again for the discount day but darnit I didn't. Still we brought home a van full and I've been busy listing my finds on eBay and Etsy!

So about 2 months ago Rick and I made plans to go to Palm Desert with our good friends Kathy & Bill and their 11 year old daughter Jamie for the Memorial Day weekend. We were excited...the guys would play golf and the girls would thrift shop all day! The thrift shops in the area are fabulous and that Jamie is a real shopaholic!

Well on the Saturday morning we were to leave I got on and there was an incredible sale in Ontario! Supposedly the lady was a hat and clothing model in the 50's and 60's and she saved so much that the sale had to be moved to a warehouse! Just the kind of sale I dream of! Hmmm, I wondered if Kathy and Jamie would mind waking up at 5am on Sunday to make the 90 mile trip to Ontario. After I regained my senses I thought that might be pushing the envelope a bit so I never got there, darnit!

But not all was lost, there was a sale just across the street from our condo where I got some goodies!

And of course we totally scored at the thrift shops! Check out the linens I got!

It was a great weekend filled with great friends and I still managed to find some treasures!

XXOO Valentina

PS I happily came home to find my new Etsy banner in my inbox. It was designed by Claudia of Green Nest with images from my collection. I absolutely LOVE it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goin' on a Road Trip!!!!!!!!!!

Well we're headed up north to "The Sale of the Century" in Oxnard this afternoon! It doesn't start until tomorrow morning but we're getting a head start! I'm very excited and little bit nervous...there's just SO much stuff at this sale! Wish us luck!
XXOO Valentina

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Bit of Color Makes the Day Bright and Happy!

Been busy the past couple of days working on a colorful vintage doily dress. I REALLY need to tackle the stuff in our garage but this is so much more fun! I'm thinking of doing the Fallbrook Community Sale this Saturday, to get rid of the old and make room for new stuff! You know your garage is bad when you open the door and the garderner exclaims "Peligro, cuidado!" Yep, it's time.

I like the idea of being able to change the fabric roses out for buttons but that velcro is really hard to sew on!

 I'm thinking that it needs more embellishment...
...yeah, the garage can wait!

XXOO Valentina

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vintage Wrapping Paper...I need more!

There's something about vintage wrapping paper from the 1950's and 60's. I just love the feel of it! And the images are so darned cute especially the children's paper.

I was digging through a drawer the other day looking for old photos when I came across these pieces! Now I'm on a quest for more!
The one above is just so happy...wouldn't you LOVE to get a gift wrapped in it?
And the floral ones are printed so beautifully!

Just wanted to share...enjoy!

XXOO Valentina

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blast from the past

I've been busy upcycling some tops and having alot of fun sewing vintage buttons on, adding crocheted trim and my absolute favorite...embroidering french knots! To me they're like shoes, a girl can NEVER have enough!

Anyhow, I got to thinking about all the sewing I did in the 90's for my shop at the Cedros Trading Co. in Solana Beach California. So this morning I decided to dig up my stash of old photos...what a blast from the past that was! Those days I was a maniac, sewing everyday, so much so that I totally burned myself out and put my old Singer 301A in the closet. Didn't even look at it for at least 10 years!
(My sister in law was kind enough to model for me...isn't she the best?)

Looking at those photos brought back to mind all those days spent with yards of fabric, old cutter quilts, 100's of vintage buttons & trims laid out on the living room floor, designing or upcycling a dress or jacket. And of course still in my PJ's at 3pm! One day my husband's uncle popped in unnanounced and I was so horrified that I asked him to stay outside on the patio and I'd be out in a few. Got some 'real' clothes on and met him out on the patio. Had a nice chat but it was almost 100 degrees and there was sweat pouring down his forehead and his face got really red! Poor Uncle Gordon...but I just couldn't let him see the mess in the living room! I still feel bad about that.

I guess I haven't changed that much in my 'old age'. The old Singer is out of the closet, there's fabric and trim in the living room and I'm still in my PJ's!

XXOO Valentina

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shameless Family Plug

Can I brag about my family for a bit? My darling hubby Rick is fishing a Halibut Tournament today and I sure hope he wins because he promised me we'd take that money and go to our favorite little island in the Bahamas, Great Guana Cay! I really want to be on this beach and swimming in this water! Good luck Honey!

Yesterday I received an email from my beautiful sister in law Mandy who lives in Australia with my brother Rex and their 3 adorable kids. She's one of the 4 founding members of the Take Three Iniative. They won a $50,000 grant from the Taronga Zoo! They were picked out of hundreds of applicants. I guess this thing is really taking off too. It's a GREAT program. You can check it out at take 3 initiative Good on ya Mands!

By the way, that's my youngest brother Rex with Mandy who shapes surfboards for his company RMS in Australia. He's a very talented shaper and a great guy, pretty cute too! He's actually the 'real' businessman in the family!

In addition to growing the most incredible vegetables, my brother Peter has been super busy making boutique guitar amplifiers. I have no idea how he knows how to build them but he is, after all, the family brainiac! Sorry don't have any photos of him working in his laboratory. (You gotta say that with a Bela Lugosi accent!)

Then there's my brother Tony who has to be one of the most creative people I know. In addition to doing really fun and funky paintings (in like 15 minutes!) he makes the most incredible coffee tables that look like vintage surfboards!

He also restores old cars...he's working on a 91 BMW convertible-so cute-and a 64 Olds 98 right now. And check out the greenhouse he did out of old windows! I want to live there!

BTW that's his little Jack Russel Molly making sure that the bunnies don't eat the lettuce. Well more likely she's on her way over for a belly rub!

Just wanted to write about how lucky I am to have a wonderfully creative and most of all kind family.

Thanks Mom & Dad!

XXOO Valentina

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring is here!

I'm sure there there are lots of you who feel exactly the same but when Spring finally gets here I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation! Not that our winters are so awful here in Southern California (they're actually really pretty nice) but when the flowers start blooming and the days are longer it's time to enjoy the sun and get some of those outdoor projects done!

That's what we did this weekend with the help of hubby Rick's really good friend Jeff. We'd still be working on the project if it wasn't for him!

The patio furniture that Rick painstakenly sanded and varnished a little over a year ago was looking pretty sad from being outside in the rain so 'we' decided to paint it! I'm pretty handy but when the guys start a project like this it seems we girls can't do anything right so I just let them go with it! BTW I got the fun job of spraypainting a cute bakers rack...PINK!

On my way to get more paint from Home Depot, our neighbor was having a garage sale and she had a cedar chest that was free so I scooped it up and surprised the guys with another thing to paint! And yes I am still here to tell you about it! I've been wanting to get a chest to use outside to store all those ugly things like the BBQ chimney etc so this was perfect! Isn't free just THE BEST?

To be honest I'm not that happy with the color of the furniture but there was NO way I was going to tell the guys. I like them both and do want to stay married so no worries I'll just get some cute cushions! Woohoo, a reason to go shopping!

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful time of year!

XXOO Valentina

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tacky, colorful, crazy...I just LOVE this stuff!

2 or 3 nights ago I woke around 4 am and could not get back to sleep. For some strange reason I started thinking about a card that I bought at least 4 years ago with an image of Our Lady of Guadelupe. Hmm...I hadn't even looked at the card in a couple of years but there it was in the back of my head that cold and dark morning! Anyhow I got to thinking how fab it would look on some hot pink velveteen so I just had to get up and see for sure. Yep it did look good and I had all the trim I needed to make a really fun shoulder bag!

Growing up in San Diego my parents always took us in to Tijuana and Mexico. The colors were incredible, especially to a young kid, and the taxicabs & busses were outrageous! They were painted in brilliant colors and had dingle ball fringe hanging form the windshields. There were always a few chickens inside too! So that's why I call my latest handbag the TiaJuana Taxicab!

PS There are no chickens in it!

XXOO Valentina

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday was SOOOO much fun & it didn't rain!!!

Mermaids Mercantile was a great success! The weather cooperated, the vendors were awesome, we had tons of shoppers and the place looked fabulous! Debi has really outdone herself, Out of the Blue has never looked more delicious! Met some wonderfully creative 'Moulin Rouge' ladies that came in by bus with Kim Caldwell. It was so much fun watching them shop...they are definitely PROFESSIONALS! Too bad I didn't get any photos!

I can't wait to start working on my next pieces...please stay tuned! XXOO Valentina

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mermaids Mercantile is today...please don't rain!!!

Is it just me or does everyone get nervous before a show? You'd think I wouldn't at my age! Debi Beard's darling Mermaids Mercantile is today and I've been working furiously the past few weeks getting ready for it. I drove down to Solana Beach yesterday and the shop, Out of the Blue, is looking absolutelyadorable! How does she do it?

I'll be bringing my newest 'upcycled' clothing, shoulder bags and some fun Tees in addition to the collectibles I've found digging around estate & garage sales. So I'm praying the rain holds off until this evening...wish me luck on that one!

XXOO Valentina