Monday, April 18, 2011

Blast from the past

I've been busy upcycling some tops and having alot of fun sewing vintage buttons on, adding crocheted trim and my absolute favorite...embroidering french knots! To me they're like shoes, a girl can NEVER have enough!

Anyhow, I got to thinking about all the sewing I did in the 90's for my shop at the Cedros Trading Co. in Solana Beach California. So this morning I decided to dig up my stash of old photos...what a blast from the past that was! Those days I was a maniac, sewing everyday, so much so that I totally burned myself out and put my old Singer 301A in the closet. Didn't even look at it for at least 10 years!
(My sister in law was kind enough to model for me...isn't she the best?)

Looking at those photos brought back to mind all those days spent with yards of fabric, old cutter quilts, 100's of vintage buttons & trims laid out on the living room floor, designing or upcycling a dress or jacket. And of course still in my PJ's at 3pm! One day my husband's uncle popped in unnanounced and I was so horrified that I asked him to stay outside on the patio and I'd be out in a few. Got some 'real' clothes on and met him out on the patio. Had a nice chat but it was almost 100 degrees and there was sweat pouring down his forehead and his face got really red! Poor Uncle Gordon...but I just couldn't let him see the mess in the living room! I still feel bad about that.

I guess I haven't changed that much in my 'old age'. The old Singer is out of the closet, there's fabric and trim in the living room and I'm still in my PJ's!

XXOO Valentina

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